Быстрый сканер системы на предмет вредоносного програмного обеспечения (spyware, adware и т.д.).

Semellone is a quick antispyware scanner created to help you in removing malware programs. It is not intended to substitute commercial antispyware products, it is a freeware option. Semellone is a multilingual product.

Languages supported:
Dutch,English,French,German,Italian and Spanish.

Dutch and German users may find some text inappropriate as I used for translation an online tool. If you wish you can drop a message to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it describing the modifications that should be done.

Semellone has been tested under Windows XP . It may work on other Windows OS but it's not recommended.

Semellone is not a rogue antispyware program. A rogue antispyware is a software that install spyware instead of removing it. Is a true free antispyware program.